I Have Loved You Too Deeply to Hate You Now

I have loved you too deeply to hate you now.

Hating you would be hating myself for

letting you creep so deep under my skin that

you have become part of me, part of my sinews,

my muscle, part of my strength;

a weakness now, but only because

to become strong we must tear the fibers of ourselves

and stretch them and flex them so that

when they heal they are more than they were before.

I accept the pain of you, the dull ache,

the sharp grab in my side when I turn and your memory assaults me.

You have made me stronger,

more myself than I was before you.

You have taught me to love, to rejoice,

to exalt in love and now

you teach me to let go, to forgive, to be at peace

with myself and your absence.

I cannot hate you.

I have loved you too deeply.

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