I Have Loved You Too Deeply to Hate You Now

I have loved you too deeply to hate you now. Hating you would be hating myself for letting you creep so deep under my skin that you have become part of me, part of my sinews, my muscle, part of my strength; a weakness now, but only because to become strong we must tear the…Read more I Have Loved You Too Deeply to Hate You Now


Call me bitch? That I am, dear. That I am. I wear it proud, like a medal. Say what I think and do what I like. Swear and smoke and drink too much. Love too deep and live too free. I am too much for the tender likes of you, maybe. Don’t matter what you…Read more Bitch

To Her

You win, you’ve won. And how could you not? You have years. I have hours. He loves you for the past. He could have loved me for the future but the past, your past together is more important. It calls to him in his sleep. It haunts him in the daylight. I am a dream…Read more To Her